The new Skype shuns Windows 10, arrives on older Windows and Mac first


30, 2017

The new Skype is here. Microsoft is today bringing the modern Skype experience to Windows and Mac users. The modern Skype initially launched on the iPhone and Android earlier this year, and the changes weren’t well-received by users. Microsoft has been making improvements to the design ever since, and the design looks much better now.

Unlike mobile devices, the new Skype is actually fantastic on Windows and Mac. There’s a new notification panel, support for add-ins like PayPal, Giphy, customizable themes, and more on the new Skype. Put simply, if you have been using the old Skype desktop app, you will most probably love the modern design — at least if you are using a Mac. For Windows users, there’s a catch.

The new Skype is only available for older Windows devices running Windows 8/7, or Windows 10 November Update (2016). And if you are Windows 10, you will have to wait a bit more for the new update. Microsoft says the company is still working on the redesign for its Windows 10 users, and it will be rolling out an update “shortly.” Classic Microsoft.

Source: Microsoft

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