The new AirPods Max have a Wet Ear Problem


4, 2021

Apple’s new $549 over the ear headphones may have a serious problem – ear sweat.

Multiple users across Twitter, Reddit (1,2,3,4) and Apple site forums are complaining of water droplets appearing inside the cup of the headphones, but more worryingly also inside the driver.

The issue appears to happen with extended use of 30 minutes to an hour and is worrying those who are concerned about the audio driver rusting or shorting.  The AirPods Max are not rated to withstand water.

The issue may be due to the aluminium construction of the cups, with the metal likely promoting condensation, vs less heat-conductive plastic.

So far Apple has not acknowledged the issue, and it appears if your drivers do get damaged it will be a paid repair.

AirPods Max are currently sold out through March, so if this issue does give you pause, you should have no problem waiting a few months to see how it plays out.

via Forbes

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