The Microsoft Store is down for some, and unlike for Apple this is not a good thing

by Surur
June 23, 2021
microsoft store down

While Microsoft may have new devices to announce tomorrow, the Microsoft Store going down does not usually mean that the company is currently restocking their virtual shelves with the Surface Neo.

The Microsoft Store for Windows apps appears to be having a problem, with users unable to download apps and getting stuck on the purple ring of death.

The issue has been captured by Matheus on video, which can be seen above.

BleepingComputer reports the issue has been going on since about 16:00 BST, so about 5 hours at the time of writing.

Users are met by a spinning circle when trying to download apps or seeing other Store features, and eventually, the app needs to be force closed.

The problem appears to be affecting only a subset of users, with the store not appearing to have any issues on my PC.

Are any of our readers affected? Let us know below.

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