The iPhone X’s camera glass is cracking mysteriously

iPhone X users have now been complaining about finding cracks in the glass of the camera lens cover. Some of these phones had adorned cases, and others had reportedly never been dropped, leading to the cracks being of mysterious origins.

Some users have been asked if their phones were used within the safe operating range of  32°F/0°C to 95°F/35°C.

It’s known that the glass of smartphones can, when heated or cooled enough, expand enough to cause a crack upon contraction.

“If you leave your phone in the car there’s the possibility that you can freeze the LCD in your phone, the liquid crystal and if it’s cold enough, the LCD freezes and it’ll actually crack”, Joshua Warters of Mr. Mustche Phone repair said (via Vibe) when quizzed on a similar question. Of course, iPhones are unable to work should the phone dips below a certain level, and users on the forums said that their glasses didn’t crack when in those extreme temperatures and cracked more in the safe zones than they did.

So, the cause of the cracking phone remains a mystery for now. Apple will most likely isolate and fi the issue should it be an actual issue in the next release of the iPhone.

Via PocketNow.