The Herm’s Application Special

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Herm’s as most of us know is a Windows Mobile application developer, this is a special for selected applications he has developed.

Newton’s Cradle

           Their is something known as being bored, this application can save you. This is small application, is made to counter act your boring moments. It takes two seconds to load and then you’re ready to watch physics(conservation of momentum) in action, like Sir Isaac Newton intended. This application is available on Herm’s site, for less than $1. Get yours here

                                           ScreenShot7 ScreenShot5

Dog Whistle

This is something that I always love playing with, and it is also a medical instrument. Let me give you a quick lesson if you don’t mind. Your ear is special, because it can hear just about anything, but did you know the older you get the less(frequency) your ear can hear. This application is made to test that, when you turn it on, you can select the frequency you would like it to play. The highest is 22000Hz, which is so! high no one but dogs and animals can hear it, the lowest is 100hHz which is so! low my phone can not replicate it. To give your self a hearing exam get this application in Herm’s store, either the $.99(Full, Recommended Version) or the Free(still good version).

                                       ScreenShot3 ScreenShot4


                This is something for the people that like to play field goal with a piece of paper and a friend. The game comes with 3 different mini games in it; The Trash toss, The field goal toss and The basketball toss. Their is not much to say about this application, but if you want to have something to do when your bored and the other games don’t cut it for you then this is something to consider. Get it over on herm’s site For $1.69.

                                      ScreenShot5 ScreenShot7

Audio Meter

              Now when your out with the pals on a loud day, you might want to know how loud it is outside, well this is for you. This application is a very light application that gives you a very detailed graph and dB level that your surrounding and you are  making. The information that is collected is displayed in three different manner; volume bar, volume meter and my personal favorite line graph. This is in fact one of my favorite application he has made and I use it quite a lot. Get it for $1.29 in Herm’s store


Bubble Wrap & Starfield & IToilet

These applications are very small so I will put them together. Bubble Wrap is the best of them, it is made to replicate bubble wrap that was always used for fun and stress release. Startfeild is something that just looks like your flying in space, and the starts are going past you. Itoilet is just a application that is made for you to think about the bathroom or have fun in class or wherever you would make weird noises in. Get Bubble Wrap, IToilet and Starfield all for free in Herm’s store.


Final Rating

Newton’s Cradle:4/5—Interesting and fun—.

Dog Whistle: 5/5—Fun to play with and Learn with—.

WiToss:3.5/5—Fun, but I loss interest fast—.

AudioMeter:4/5—Very useful and can be interesting—.

Bubble Wrap:5/5—Awesome fun, Worth it to Dl for free—.

Startfield:3/5—Okay, But a waste of my time—.

Itoilet:3/5—Funny, but not that funny—.



Herm’s Keep up the good work, waiting for your voice changer(auto tune).