The Gunstringer Game Updated With New Features And Improvements

The Gunstringer Windows Store

The Gunstringer Xbox Game which features 15 story levels with boss battles along with 3 infinite worlds in Endless Runner mode just got updated with many new features and improvements.

Update Features: 

>New power-up!  The Lucky Horeshoe automatically grabs coins as you run past!

> New power-ups!  The 5 and 10 second Boosts gives the Gunstringer super speed for a short time!

> New obstacle! Watch out for pits!

> Completely redesigned Store allowing for easy browsing.

> Extra Lives can now be bought in packs of 5, 10 and 20.

> General bug fixes and improvements to gameplay have been implemented.

This game costs $1.49 and you can download it from Windows Store for free here.