The new Google Pixel Stand has a built-in fan

by Surur
October 19, 2021

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With the release of the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, Google also launched a new accessory, a new Pixel Stand wireless charger.

The new Pixel Stand offers 23w wireless fast charging via 2 coils, and to deal with the heat generated, features an active cooling fan.

When you place your handset on the stand a new interface loads featuring media playback controls and device control tiles and also buttons to control the charge mode.

The 3 charging modes are:

  • Optimized: This mode optimizes charging based on your usage, and it’s recommended for most situations.
  • Max: This mode charges the device as rapidly as possible due to which the built-in fan may be louder at times.
  • Quiet: As the name suggests, this mode minimizes noise by limiting fan speed. However, this may result in slower charging speeds.

For non-Pixel handsets, it also offers 15w regular Qi charging.  The bottom coil can also be used to charge the Pixel Buds case.

The new stand is rather bulky at 4.5 inches tall and 383.6 g, and is made from 39% recycled material. It costs $79, but a ship date has not been announced yet.

via XDA-Dev

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