A Google Pixel 4 case mould leaked recently, which sent many 3D rendering experts rushing to invert the mould and give us an idea of what the Google Pixel 4 will eventually look like.

One of them is Antoine Collignon, who rendered some rather good looking images, which were endorsed in passing by Evan Blass AKA evLeaks. They can be seen below:

The main issue with the design is that it appears impossibly thin and almost bezel-less, two areas where Google has not exactly shown expertise.  We have heard however that after the disaster of the massive notch in the Pixel 3XL Google will be focussing more on design in the Pixel 4, so hopefully Google will do better this time.

We do expect the Pixel  4 will have multiple rear cameras and pack the powerful Snapdragon 855 coupled with 6GB of RAM, based on leaked benchmarks.

Do our readers think Google can achieve anything as good looking as this? Let us know below.