The Falconeer surprisingly runs at 1800p on Xbox Series S


12, 2020

Xbox Series exclusive The Falconeer runs at 1800p on Microsoft’s budget-focused Xbox Series S console. 

While Xbox has been pushing the £250 next-gen console as a 1440p console with 4K capabilities for media, The Falconeer publisher Wired Productions revealed that the Xbox Series S will run the game above 1440p. So far, this is the only revealed game to do so.

The game has multiple performance options among the Xbox family of consoles, including 120fps options for both next-gen systems.

On Xbox Series X, the game has a 4K/60fps option and 1800p/120fps option with both options loading in 13 seconds. The Series S version has an 1800p/60fps mode or a 1080p/120fps mode loading in 13 seconds. The Xbox One S version runs at 1080p/60fps and loads in 42 seconds.

The game also supports the cross-gen Xbox Smart Delivery platform which will give you a free next-gen or last-gen version of a game when you buy the title. It launches this November.

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