Keep an eye on your loot if you’re a player of Ubisoft’s The Division 2!

Division 2 player Adam D caught his game deleting loot drops from the map whilst playing the Xbox One version of the game. In his video, he noticed that the game was causing boss loot to disappear from the map.

Adam D claims that the disappearing loot didn’t affect his teammate, but it did take away his all-important boss loot. Apparently, this bug has happened numerous times in the past few days, but only upon killing the final enemies.

A Ubisoft employee jumped into the post’s Reddit thread to say that the developers are aware of the issue.

“It’s actually an issue when the group drops too many items as a whole,” Reddit user Yannickbch said. “The game starts removing the ones that are furthest away to preserve memory. We’re working on a fix for this and will try to have it deployed ASAP.

“Until then, I’d strongly recommend picking up important loot as soon as possible and not let it linger on the floor for too long. Or at least make sure you stay closest to the important loot.”

The Division 2 is a fantastic game that we thought felt just a tad bit meaningless. However, with constant updates and some fantastic shooting, it’s still a fun time. Read our review here.

The Division 2 is available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.