The Designers Behind The Original Xbox Reviews The Sony PlayStation 4



Designers from design consultancy company Teague have reviewed the Sony PS4 design. Teague designed the original Xbox, conceptualized controllers for the Xbox brand, and created the Xbox 360 racing wheel. The review just focuses on the industrial design of the PS4. The console got some positive news, they commented that PS4 is a good-looking, nicely proportioned console that fits well into the modern living room. The controller and the design connection between controller and the console was criticized. Creative Director David Wykes commented that Sony’s controller looks like a piece of clay that’s been worked with too much.

It’s always a challenge to design two functionally apposed objects to look like they’ve been born from the same creator; one a box to be quietly placed, admired, and left alone, the other a controller to be held and beaten into submission.  But the controller is the main touch point for the console; and in the future, we believe it will have to do all the talking as consoles disappear into the cloud. Getting the ergonomics right is only half the battle, the other half is to make this handheld device the icon of the brand. Ironically Sony had achieved that with their original controller; although not everyone loved it, it still said “PlayStation.”

If this is in fact the final act for home consoles boxes, Sony may have just missed the mark on creating a truly climactic finish. Our thought is that they should have put everything into the new controller. This should be the face of the PS4. The console needs to be supportive, not central to the gaming experience.

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Source: Fastcodesign

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