The Dark Forces Team release a Bluetooth File Transfer XAP for Fully Unlocked Windows Phones


In a hack which is pretty close in magnitude to booting Windows Mobile on Windows Phone, the Dark Forces Team have managed to implement Bluetooth File Transfer on Windows Phone 7.

The app will automatically install XAPs transferred and add REG RGU to the registry.

The app is far from perfect, but can send and receive files from other phones, desktops and even other Windows Phones.

The app has been tested on the Samsung Focus R1.3, HTC Trophy, HTC Mozart and HTC HD7 and needs a fully unlocked ROM.

Known issues include:

  • If send operation was cancelled, other side device will save the already received part of file instead of show "cancelled" message.
  • Sometimes it’s impossible to receive files without opening Bluetooth settings.
    Seems Bluetooth go to some low power mode while state is still ON and CONNECTIBLE.
  • To send from one WP7 device to another WP7 device you may need keep the destination phone in Bluetooth settings page. Otherwise the first phone can’t see the second.
  • Already paired devices list isn’t implemented.

Read more about the XAP and find it at XDA-Developers here.