The Cataclysm has finally arrived in Anthem

by Ash
August 7, 2019

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Several months after the game’s launch and a couple of months after its original promised release date, the Cataclysm event has finally dropped in Anthem.

The update comes in Anthem’s 1.3.0 patch, which also adds a couple of other features such as a Guild App for iOS and Android, changes to the Alliance System, an Inversions system for javelins, and some brand new weapons.

The Cataclysm, however, is definitely the main focus of this patch.

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A Cataclysm is a themed, season-long event that offers players unique rewards and challenges for its duration. Once it’s over, Bastion will be permanently changed. You know, until the next Cataclysm comes along.

There are no level requirements for entering a Cataclysm, but be aware that the longer you spend in the storm, the more damaged your javelin will become. You must balance seeking shelter, completing tasks, and engaging in combat as you traverse the perilous new world.

With the Cataclysm comes new in-game currency in the form of Major and Minor Crystals. Major Crystals are mostly given out as mission and challenge rewards, while you earn Minor Crystals through playing. Minor Crystals can be exchanged for Major Crystals.

The Cataclysm also brings three new unique story missions to the game, which should hopefully breathe a little bit of life into Anthem.

Anthem patch 1.3.0 is available now for all platforms. You can read more about the Cataclysm here.

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