The best Windows Phone podcast app just got better


2, 2014


Podcast Lounge, the best podcast app for Windows Phone has just been updated. The update comes with handful of new features and several bug fixes. With the latest update, users can block streaming over a cellular connection. You can also download podcasts directly from the playlist page with the latest update. Users can also filter out podcasts which they have never listened to. Here are the other new features of the latest update:

  • Storage management section now has shortcut to downloads section
  • Storage management now reports size of the image/rss feed/temp transfers cache
  • Added reset option to reset the “my url” database
  • Users are now able to clear the “my URL” database from within the my url section
  • Programme page description now tells you how many podcasts there are in the list
  • Background downloader now has an option to keep x newest episodes and discard rest
  • Added support to deal with podcast restores which go to a different phone
  • Added hyperlink/shortcut to search section from the “Add Podcast” view

Other than that, there isn’t any other new features on the latest update. However, it’s worth noting that the update comes with tons of bug fixes:

  • Generating a smart playlist no longer stops playback and overwrites the currently playing episode
  • Neither the playback history or the playlist view updated with episode download status – fixed
  • Addressed a bug where the collections view would cause a null reference exception if the collection download had been unsuccessful
  • Fixed visual alignment issue with the downloads section
  • Fixed Empty playlist — it was showing an empty menu bar in some instances
  • Favourite download counters are wrong after the app resumes from hibernation – fixed
  • Background sync now randomly polls the favorites to avoid the issue sometimes where a single favorite stalls the download
  • History page now accurately tracks playback status from play > pause > play
  • Made the background sync system more robust

As always, there are some performance improvements. The app is currently on version and you download the update from here.

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