The best “Solitaire” for windows phone, now even better!


12, 2014

Do you know a card game that is as simple as it is addictive? It is Solitaire, the famous classic card game also known as Klondike or Pacience! blugri now launches an improved version of its successful game for Windows Phone.

blugri’s version of Solitaire has extremely high quality graphics and an intuitive game interface.

Cards can be moved smoothly by a single tap, and intelligent hints will propose the possible moves when the player gets stuck.


  • High quality design and graphics with animated cards
  • Full landscape version
  • Subtle sounds
  • Intuitive and efficient game interface
  • Single tap to move cards
  • Detailed statistics to keep track of your performances
  • Draw 1 card (easy) or Draw 3 cards (expert) game mode
  • Intelligent hits to help you out when you’re stuck
  • An undo button
  • Standard or Vegas scoring
  • Interruption friendly, you’re game is saved when you get a phonecall or cannot finish your game
  • Choose your background color and card theme
  • Available in English, Spanish, French, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Portuguese and German

Solitaire from blugri is available from the marketplace, and 100% free. Try it today!

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