The Best Car Maintenance/Gas Mileage App!

Today, I went on a hunt to find the best app for managing all of my car’s data. My result: MyAuto, which is available in the Marketplace for $2.99

Now, I hate paying for apps (since you can usually get the same thing for free somewhere), but this app was actually worth it. The trial will only allow you to enter 10 gas fill-ups and 1 service entry, so you’ll actually have to buy the app if you choose to use it.

Here’s why MyAuto is worth your money: Once you configure the app by entering your maintenance service schedule, it will use your gas fill-up odometer readings to remind you when your next maintenance service is coming up! You can also enter the service records on your car, so that you can see how much money you spent maintaining your car. Plus, when you enter a service, it will automatically calculate when that next service is supposed to be, based on the miles or months you entered into the schedule.

This app handles everything you could need for your car. You can even enter your VIN number and license plate number so you always have that info handy. You can view charts showing your MPG, how much you spent on maintenance, or how much you spent on random things that broke on your car (like my Mazda’s headlight which cost me $817!!).

The interface in MyAuto can be a little tricky at first, but once you get everything in the maintenance schedule entered, adding new entries is a breeze. When you first open the app, it takes you directly to a new fuel entry page, so you can quickly enter your data instead of jumping through menus and wasting time. Plus, you can export/import your data, so that if you buy a new Windows Phone, you don’t have to re-enter everything! Oh and you can even manage multiple cars! This app seriously has it all!

I highly recommend everyone to check out this app if you own a car! Once again, it can be found in the Marketplace for $2.99 and is called MyAuto.