The 7 highest rated apps in the Marketplace…

James Booth from recently compiled a list of the top 7 apps in the Windows Phone Marketplace, based on user ratings (courtesy of AppFlow App Discovery). Here are the top 7!


RapDialer – 4.82 / 1539 ratings

RapDialer is a fast and fluid T9 contact searching/dialing app, meant to replace the default way of searching for contacts via the typical keyboard. James over at didn’t seem to think RapDialer is any faster than a traditional keyboard, but thousands of users (myself included) would disagree! Plus, over 1,500 reviews is really impressive!qrcode


Baconit – 4.80 / 2640 ratings

Baconit also has a ridiculous amount of reviews, and is also one of the best apps on WP7! If you love Reddit, Baconit is an excellent choice. If you’ve never used Reddit… try it out and visit the windowsphone Subreddit, you may find that it’s an excellent source of news (after WMPoweruser of course). James personally wasn’t impressed with the whole Reddit network, but he also mentioned that he’s not a big fan of social networks in general.qrcode


Stop The Music – 4.79 / 273 ratings

This app is great if you’re OCD and need to clean the last playing song from your volume controls. I personally have no use for this app, but those who need this app love it!qrcode


Power Planner – 4.79 / 222 ratings

Power Planner is a homework planner app I personally developed, with features like the fastest homework entry system yet, class schedules, grade/GPA calculator, live tiles, picture support, and much more. As James nicely wrote, “users have said it made the difference in their grades. I can easily see how it would be a beneficial tool for any student. Based on the apps covered so far, in terms of real world usefulness, I feel it deserves a higher placement on the list.”qrcode


Starbucks Finder – 4.78 / 144 ratings

Starbucks Finder is a simple app that lets you locate the nearest Starbucks and get info about the stores. James points out that this app was actually created by a Windows Phone fan, not Starbucks themselves, which makes their ranking in the top 7 even more impressive! If you’re a Starbucks fan, you’ll probably love this app too.qrcode


ZDclock – 4.78 / 422 ratings

ZDclock is meant to be an app that reminds you to do everything… take your pills, wake up in the morning, make a bank payment, etc. James points out that all of these features could already be done with the built in Alarms or Calendar app. While that is true, ZDclock does give a more streamlined interface for creating reminders, and is worth a try.qrcode


Relax Melodies – 4.77 / 252 ratings

At the time James wrote his article, Flixster was actually the 7th highest rated app. As of our press time now, Relax Melodies jumped ahead. Relax Melodies allows you to create a custom soothing sound mixture that is meant to help you relax off to sleep. Reviews have been extremely positive, with one reviewer stating that the soothing sounds “make a marvelous ambiance for any situation.”qrcode

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