Textto will let you send text messages from your Windows PC

February 23, 2018

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While Microsoft is working on a way to let users send and receive texts from their PCs, third-party app developers have long since found myriad ways to scratch that itch.

Textto is a new web app/desktop app for texting on your desktop. It works with Android phones, and needs little but notification sync and an internet connection.

There’s not much to say about a messaging app, other than it works, it looks good, comes with a light and dark theme with the option to set your own colour scheme, and eschews payment at this point.

It has a Windows app, but you can ignore that if you want and simply use it as a tab in your favourite browser app.

Here’s the app description.

  • Read and Reply to texts without picking up your phone. Text from your computer just like you would with your phone. Save time reading and replying to your text conversations.
  • No need to change your texting app. Textto syncs with your Android phone’s texting app. Whether you’re using the default app or a third party app, Textto has got you covered.
  • Fully Featured. Textto includes all the features you would expect, including rich emoji support, picture messaging, group conversations and more.
  • Great for work and school. Stay focused and productive without needing to reach for your phone. Get all your text message notifications right from your computer
You can download Textto for Windows from its website here, and the Android app via the Play Store.

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