Test shows Nokia’s included USB power adaptor charges Lumia 800 twice as fast as generic ones

IMG_59971WeLoveWP.hk have been running some battery charging tests on the Nokia Lumia 800, which post firmware fix should have a battery that is charging at full capacity, unlike earlier, trying to find the best way to optimally charge the device.

Their results were as follows:

Source Current
Computer USB 2.0 port 3.85V; ~110mA
Nokia DC-11K Mobile Charging Unit 3.9V; 330mA
iPhone Charger 3.88V; 300mA
Lumia 800 AC-16 Charger 3.95V; 600mA

From the test it is clear charging from the USB port is slowest, with only 110 mA being delivered, while generic and iPhone charges will deliver 3 times as much.  Using the included and official Nokia Lumia charger will however result in charging 6 times as fast, giving a good reason to keep that puck around.

Read more detail of the test at Welovewp.hk