Tesla’s new Autopilot traffic cone detection feature demonstrated (video)


7, 2019

The latest Tesla update for users with the Full Self-Driving package brought useful new AutoPilot features to Tesla cars; including the ability to see and respond to traffic cones while in AutoPilot mode.

“The driving visualization now displays traffic cones. In cases where a traffic cone is detected and Navigate on Autopilot is engaged (requires Full Self Driving Capability), the vehicle is designed to suggest a lane change (or attempt a lane if REQUIRE LANE CHANGE CONFIRMATION is set to NO) to avoid cones. As always, you are responsible for your vehicle and are required to pay attention at all times.”

Now, courtesy of Tesla hacker verygreen, AKA ‘green the only’, we can see the road through the eyes of a Tesla in autopilot mode.  In the second video, we can see how Tesla readjusts the drivable area based on the obstacles in the construction site:

Tesla owners report that at present not all cones appear to be recognized by Tesla Autopilot (though this will improve over time), making the warning that drivers should always remain aware and in control of their car at all times even more important.

Even though the feature still needs some perfecting, it still looks promising in its early stages- indicating that it won’t be long until the autopilot feature makes its debut in city roads.

Source: Electrek

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