Tesla updates its iOS and Android apps with new widgets, more

by Surur
November 18, 2021

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Tesla has released updates for both its iOS and Android apps, bringing a number of improvements, but unfortunately not in equal measure.

For iPhones, the app has been updated to version 4.3.0. It brings:

  • Customize quick controls on vehicle homepage with a long press
  • Adjust Cabin Overheat Protection
  • Widget improvements
  • Sentry Mode Live Camera Access on supported cars in select countries (Vehicle software version 2021.40.5+ required.)

The Android app has been updated to version 4.2.3-742 with the following improvements:

  • New Android widgets to view vehicle status
  •  Solar and Powerwall supports Tesla-maintained utility rate plans. Utility rate plans now support seasons, multiple peak periods, and buy & sell energy prices
  •  Powerwall’s Time-Based Control mode supports the updated rate plans to more accurately use energy from Powerwall when power is expensive and charge from other sources when power is at its cheapest

Unlike the iOS app the Android widgets are not interactive. Additionally, the Android app does not have the ability to customise its quick actions and still lacks Sentry Mode Live Camera Access. Hopefully, these features will hit the app when it also hits version 4.3.

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