Tesla tries to win back Model S and X customers with free, unlimited charging

by Atiya
August 4, 2019

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Tesla suffered a $408 million loss this Q2, with the Model S and the Model X showed dwindling sales figures; while sales of the affordable Model 3 remained consistent.

A few years ago, Tesla offered free supercharging to customers; until the offer was revoked by Musk for being unsustainable for the company in the long run. With the cost of supercharging in the US being pretty much equal to the cost of gas ($0.28 per kWh), this may have been one of the reasons Tesla customers have been abandoning this part of the product line.

In a turn of events, Tesla has now announced that all new customers of the Model S  and Model X can access free unlimited charging at any Tesla supercharging station.

The company are hoping that unlimited “fuel” will be an incentive for customers to opt for the more expensive model, even if the price of charging only accounts for a small fraction of the overall cost of the car.   Subsequent financial reports will soon let us know if the strategy is effective.

Source: neowin

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