Tesla to compensate owners for software update which thrashed their range

by Surur
July 30, 2021

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Tesla has a lot in common with Apple, including it turns out having to compensate owners for their own version of Throttlegate.

The company has agreed to pay several hundred users $625 each for releasing a software update (2019.16.2) which reduced the range of their Tesla cars by as much as 11%.

The update was released in 2019 and was ostensible to “protect the battery and improve battery longevity” and Tesla said it would affect only “a small percentage of owners.”

It turns out the patch adversely affected the range of mainly Tesla Model S vehicles with the 85 kWh battery pack and also reduced the rate of fast charging, and the company is trying to settle the subsequent class-action lawsuit by paying  $625 to each 1,743 Tesla Model S owners in the US who were affected by those updates. Tesla has also reversed the impact of the update for most owners.

The court still has to approve the proposed settlement, but owners appear happy with the result.

Tesla is facing the same charge in Norway, but there the court ruled that Tesla has to pay $16,000 to each of thousands of owners. Tesla is expected to appeal that ruling.

via Electrek

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