Tesla replaces USB-A ports with USB-C ports in the new Model 3 vehicles


14, 2020

Author Pradeep // in Tesla


Tesla Model 3 is one of the best selling cars in the US. Recently, Tesla has introduced some welcome changes in the recently manufactured Model 3 vehicles in the US. Since USB-C is becoming more and more popular these days, Tesla is replacing most of the USB-A ports in the Tesla Model 3 with USB-C ports.

  • 2 ports for the back seat passengers will be now USB-C.
  • The Co-driver/Passenger side port will remain USB-A.
  • The driver side port will be now USB-C.

In addition to introducing USB-C, Tesla is also including a wireless charger as a standard in all Model 3 vehicles going forward. This is a great news for consumers. I think other car manufacturers should also follow Tesla’s policy on upgrading their vehicles without introducing an all-new model.

Source: Driveteslacanada

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