Tesla push out Full Self-Driving Beta 10.6.1 with new visibility network, more (changelog)

by Surur
December 12, 2021

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Tesla has pushed out a minor update to its Full Self-Driving Beta software, taking it to version 10.6.1.

Elon Musk had earlier said the out of band update was coming to fix some “annoying issues”.

The update is now rolling out and features a number of improvements to object detection, an improved visibility network and much more.

The full changelog reads:

  • Improved object detection network architecture for non-VRUs (e.g. cars, truck, buses). 7% higher recall, 16% lower depth error, and 21% lower velocity error for crossing vehicles.
  • New visibility network with 18.5% less mean relative error.
  • New general static object network with 17% precision improvements in high curvature and nighttime cases.
  • Improved stopping position at unprotected left turns while yielding to oncoming objects, using object predictions beyond the crossing point.
  • Allow more room for longitudinal alignment during merges by incorporating modelling of merge region end.
  • Improved comfort when offsetting for objects that are cutting out of your lane.

James Locke is one of the first to upload a video showing the software in action, and was able to manage a 10-minute drive in a residential neighbourhood without any interventions.

He notes that overall he felt the car was accelerating and decelerating much smoother on this build.

See that video below.

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