Tesla Model Y Crossover spotted in the wild


16, 2019

Telsa has hit the mass market with the Tesla Model 3, but the sedan car is not the most desired car segment these days. In Europe that is the Compact SUV or Crossover segment, and Tesla is getting ready to deliver a vehicle just for that market.

That car is the Tesla Model Y, and now new pictures have captured the car in the wild.

Spotted in California by Mario Borisov on Faceboook, the car shows off a Midnight Silver paint job, and it is equipped with Tesla’s new ‘Power Sports’ aero wheels.

The Model Y has also been spotted in the wild on other occasions recently, bringing to mind the ramp-up to the production of the Model 3.

The Model Y is expected to hit production in Q3 2020 and to implement a number of advanced manufacturing technologies which should allow Tesla to address the mass market the larger vehicle will certainly open up.

Via electrek

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