Tesla Model S sees Aero wheel configuration option once again in latest software update

by Atiya
September 23, 2019
tesla aero wheels

The Tesla Model 3’s aero wheels allow the EV to reach its maximum aerodynamic potential and therefore peak performance; which is why the company has decided to re-introduce them to the Model S.

The aero wheels consist of a two-part design, which allows for a “super-light” underlying rim, with very low rotational inertia.  Just the wheels are responsible for a 10% increase in efficiency, according to Tesla Vice President of eEngineering.

The aero wheels are also economically beneficial to the user, with real-world testing showing that they exhibit 3% improved range when driving at high speeds.

The first generation of the Model S saw an early version of the aero wheels, but complications ultimately led to their removal.

Now, a few years later, a new software update suggests that the aero wheels will be making their way back home to the Model S, and also to the Model X.  In the update 2019.32.2.2, owners can change their wheel configuration from the vehicle settings in the in-car software.

Model S owner Blake Quinn noticed the “19 wheel size” “Sonic Silver Tempest” aero wheel option after applying the update:

Once the aero wheels are ready to order from Tesla’s website, Model S and X users can finally experience their vehicles full aerodynamic potential which means more mileage, less power consumption and better acceleration.

Source: electrek 

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