Tesla explains how they use their one-of-a-kind real world crash data to improve the safety of their cars

by Surur
October 12, 2021

Tesla has a well-known advantage over other car companies – the ability to access real-world data from their fleet of over 1 million connected EVs all over the world.

This data is usually understood to be used to hone their self-driving car initiative (and to resolve pesky complaints from owners) but it turns out Tesla also uses this data to improve the safety of their cars.

In a new video Tesla explains that, unlike other car companies, they are able to collect extensive data from real-world crashes using the sensors in their cars and are able to gather real insight into the risks drivers face during these events.

They have realised that some forms of crashes (such as being T-boned into the driver door) are much less common than expected, and they used such insights to develop new models for deploying their crash bags.

The video shows the team validating these models in both virtual crashes and then real-world testing, with the aim of closing the loop and sending improved software back to millions of Teslas,  making them some of the safest cars on the road.

Check out the video below.

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