Having an EV on occasion means unavoidable downtime at a charging station, but Tesla has managed to turn this into a selling point by bringing a large number of streaming media apps to their Tesla Theatre feature.

The entertainment section of the console already supports Netflix and YouTube and is also getting Comedy Central, Crunchyroll, Monty python, Twitch, HBO Go, HBO Now, Mixer, YouKu.

Today Elon Musk also confirmed that another major service is on the way.

Responding a Tesla owners club asking about Disney Plus, Elon Musk confirmed the streaming service will be “coming soon” to Telsa Theatre.

This means exclusive access to a large number of children-friendly media and also the latest Marvel action movies, meaning there is now something for everyone.

Tesla cars are uniquely equipped for these media apps, with the Tesla Model S, for example, coming with an expansive 17-inch touchscreen while the Model 3 comes with a 15-inch touchscreen. Tesla Arcade also includes games like Beach Buggy Racing 2, Cupcake and support for playing with the Xbox controller, and also Chess and Careoke to Tesla cars.

For now, these apps will work only when the car is stopped. When full self-driving is approved by regulators, Tesla will enable video while moving.

Elon Musk has also said that he would consider opening the Tesla infotainment platform more broadly to third-party developers for both apps and games in the future, with an app store in the offing eventually.