Telstra pushing out WP 7.8 update for Samsung Omnia W and LG c900k soon



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Australian carrier Telstra has released some information about the near forgotten Windows Phone 7.8 update coming to WP 7.5 handsets.

On their page the company announced that testing of the update has been completed for the Samsung Omnia W and LG c900k, and that the update will be pushed out in around 2 weeks, on the 6th June.

Interestingly the HTC Titan, presumably with the same firmware, had its update retracted and is awaiting new firmware, suggesting Samsung and LG, who likely do not care much, is pushing out the old and buggy update and phones will be worse off after the update.

HTC Titan 4G owners on the other hand it seems will continue to wait a seeming indefinitely for their new firmware to finally be available.

Do our readers agree that the best bet may just be to buy a new handset? Let us know below.

Via Gizmodo Australia

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