Telstra Innovating in WP7 Marketing

Marketing a device is as important as developing it. Mobile OEM’s generally try to buy ads across newspapers, digital media to promote their device. Telstra, a leading operator from Australia has announced an interesting contest. People can apply to this Social Review Contest and the selected participants will be running a Social Review of the HTC 7 Mozart . Totally 25 people will be selected and  they will be given HTC 7 Mozart plus a Telstra Next Gâ„¢ Network SIM with credit for two-week review period.  Once the two-week review period is over the handset is theirs to keep.


What’s a Social Review?

Social Reviewers will use the phone, explore the features and share their experiences with the social media world. The reviewers are also required to disclose they are participating in the Telstra Windows 7 Social Review.Because context and differing viewpoints are critical to the success of the Social Review, we’re looking for applicants with all sorts of interests, such as:

  • social networking;
  • Xbox LIVE and gaming;
  • business on the go;
  • apps and apps development;
  • kids and family; and
  • technology and gadgets.

Telstra is also partnering with Microsoft to create a WP7 Social review forum for people to exchange their thoughts on this new WP7 OS.