TellMe gets even better with Speech for Windows Phone 8


17, 2013

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TellMe API

Back in 2012, Microsoft announced the Speech API for developers. This API allowed any app to extend on TellMe’s capabilities. Technically, a developer could port speech recognition suites like Siri and Google Now to Windows with very little trouble. However, this never happened. Until today.

TellMe Gets Better

Speech for Windows Phone 8 finally accomplishes this goal by adding key missing commands to the TellMe speech recognition suite. These commands will do anything from make you more productive with the Calendar, Reminders, Alarms, Appointments, and navigation commands, or they will help your phone work better with the social network, E-Mail, Music and battery commands. Below is a full list of commands supported using Speech for Windows Phone.

Commands supported by Speech

-Send an Email
-What Can I Say?
-Search up to 10 websites
-What is the time and date?
-Search a map
-Search the Windows Store
-Set Reminders
-Navigation and Directions
-Battery-related information
-Share my status to Twitter, Facebook, or any other social networking site.
-Music-related commands
-Create appointments
-Create Alarms

The integration into TellMe allows speech to accept commands from the Start button.
Image: The integration into TellMe allows speech to accept commands from the Start button.

Interface and Screenshots

Speech was always designed to have an interface that just “Worked” with the Windows Phone 8 OS. Including support for accent colors and the cards you will find on Google Now, the interface is just as fun to use as the app itself.

an example of the cards interface on Speech for Windows Phone
Image: The cards interface displays any content beautifully, on both the black and white backgrounds.

How to Download

Update 2 (1.2.0) hits the store tomorrow, but you can still download version 1.1 by following the this link.

You can also view the website for more information here

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