Telerik UI for UWP is now open source and free

February 8, 2017

Telerik today announced that they are open sourcing Telerik UI for UWP and they are making it available on GitHub. UI for UWP is a suite of 20+ UI controls for developers building UWP applications which include a variety of controls for various apps. Some of the most popular controls in UI for UWP are the Grid, Chart, DataForm and ListView, which are used in the majority of line-of-business applications.

With the emerging interest in Windows 10, it was only logical that we expand our product portfolio with UI for UWP. Telerik UI for UWP already powers many of the applications in the Windows Marketplace. In fact, Telerik UI is the most popular UI library among all Windows Marketplace apps today. So, these are widgets that have already been battle tested and proven in The Real World™.

Check the full list of available controls in the package. You can check out the UI for UWP repo on GitHub.

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