Telegram has announced that in their latest update, bots are seeing a major improvement alongside notifications and other general improvements. 

Detailed in a new blog post, there’s a lot to look forward to in Telegram’s latest update which is rolling out as we speak. Despite potentially not being the most impactful feature, headlining the new blog post is Telegram’s vast improvement to notification sounds that allows you to set literally any short sound as a notification for your chats. 

To make it even easier to set up a sound you want as a notification, Telegram has also implemented a feature that allows you to tap a short audio file or voice message within a chat to instantly add it to your list of notification sounds that you can use at your leisure. 

Alongside this undoubtedly useful feature Telegram is also ushering in the much more exciting “bot revolution,” thanks to bot developers being given the tools to create “infinitely flexible interfaces with JavaScript.” According to Telegram, this will allow the app’s bots to “complete replace any website,” which is certainly quite the feat. 

As if the implantation of two killer features wasn’t already more than enough for one update, Telegram has also implemented new custom mute durations and new auto delete options for chats, allowing you to keep your chats and inbox looking cleaner than ever before. 

If the above features weren’t more than enough already in today’s update, Telegram is also getting improved message translation on iOS, improved picture-in-picture on Android, new animations in the settings menu, and even more animated emojis for you to use.