Telegram tries to compete with Clubhouse with new Scheduled Voice Chats

by Surur
April 13, 2021
telegram voice chat

Social networks are still rapidly racing to copy Clubhouse’s voice chat rooms, and only weeks after Telegram added support for voice chats in channels, the company has added a new feature that makes the app more Clubhouse-like.

With its latest 7.7 beta update, channel admins now have the ability to schedule voice chats for a specific time.

telegram voice chat

Once a chat has been scheduled the host will see a countdown timer banner at the top of the channel screen to remind them when to start to engage.

On Telegram group and channel admins are also able to record a voice chat session and share the clip to the channel when it is over.

The feature is already live in the beta version of the app, which can be found here.

Via Pocketnow

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