Teksoft’s AudioRoute updated

07 We have seen a little utility recently which selectively  routes sound to your speaker and earphone.  Teksoft has released a more polished version of the utility, ideal for use with VOIP applications.

The freeware is still based on their dynRil software and features the following fixes and features:
-microphone muting fixed
-cab with custom install location
-command line & smartphone support

The feature can be accessed from any screen by using the title-bar icon. 

The first icon routes the audio to the earpiece speaker.
The second blue icon, can be used to route the audio to the backspeaker.
gui_2The orange icon, routes the audio to the speakerphone, while in a phone call.
You can also use the bottom slider to move the taskbar icon, or the about button to show this page.
The top-right square hides the user interface.

Command line
This tool can be executed by command line with parameters.

You can execute /program files/teksoft/audioRoute/audioRoute.exe with the following:
-earpiece , routes the audio to the earpiece
-backspeaker , routes the audio to the backspeaker
-speakerphone , while in a phone call, activates the speakerphone
-switch , toggles between earpiece and backspeaker

Download the freeware from Teksoft here.