Teams Chat Delete feature GA is in December

November 15, 2022

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Microsoft promised the Chat Delete feature for the entire Teams conversations would arrive in November. The month’s already here, and we’re still waiting for it. Well, according to the latest Microsoft 365 roadmap for Teams, the wait will have to be a bit longer as its general availability is moved to December.

A roadmap shows that the Chat Delete feature of Teams is now under development. Added only on November 9, it’s a bit late for the former target released date announced by the company. The good thing, nonetheless, is that it is still coming to all Teams users who are tired of cleaning up their chat list. Through this new upcoming feature, deleting them would be easier. It would also serve as a permanent action for users to get rid of specific entire conversation threads.

On the other hand, Microsoft says the feature “does not affect what any other users in the chat see,” which means the action will only take effect on the end of those who will initiate it. Others who have access to the conversation, meanwhile, will still be able to see the threads on their accounts.

Rummaging your chat thread list for specific conversations is a challenge, especially if you are always dealing with different co-workers daily. Some tend to regularly clean their lists to prioritize important threads by using the hide feature of Teams or muting the conversation. There is a delete option in Teams, but it is only currently limited to a single chat message, which, obviously, is not the most convenient way if you want to remove an entire thread. Once rolled out, the roadmap says it will first be available to desktop and Mac devices. The availability of it on mobile, however, is still unknown.

With this, while the feature is moved back to a further date, Microsoft said in a November 1 Tech Community blog post that some earlier announced features are already on rollout. It includes an updated companion mode in Android and video clip recording/sending/viewing support on desktops.

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