Teacher gushes about Microsoft Teams

As a large enterprise-like market Microsoft has been focussing increasingly on serving the education market, with the charge being led by Microsoft Teams for Education.

According to James Yanuzzelli, a social studies teacher from Old Bridge, New Jersey, who is trialling the software, Microsoft has got a lot right.

“I’ve been teaching for almost 15 years now, and this is the greatest product that we’ve started integrating into our classrooms, Yanuzzelli says. “I started a pilot program this year with Microsoft Teams and getting more open education resources into our classrooms, and it’s led to the biggest transformation I’ve seen.”

Yanuzzelli feels Microsoft Teams has shifted the entire classroom from a ‘teacher-centered focus’ to a ‘student-centered focus.’

“We can put assignments through Teams, we can send it out to them where they can receive it and use OneNote in Teams, he says. “I can connect my device to theirs, I can connect my device to a presenter or presentation, and it moves the classroom from me to them.”

Teams also made it easy for him to keep track of each student’s progress. Yanuzzelli says he really can’t miss anything on his end, as he can literally see everything his students are working on.

“I can pull up every student to see what they’re working on, how they’re working collaboratively and what [each] student posted, he says.”It’s all there and we don’t have to worry about where it went or losing it.”

“Just everyday it’s a new experience for me and them – it’s awesome.”

Read more about Microsoft Teams for Education at Microsoft here.

Via Techradar.com

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