Tasty Windows Phone rumours

The roadmap continues
The roadmap continues...

I am not sure we want our Windows Phone rumours from a 22 year old Harry Potter fan with a Muggles.net email address, but Lituus Limacon seems to have a pretty good insight into Microsoft and its dealings (see his Courier post for example).

His latest post to his audaciousmeteor blog may be of interest to Windows Phone fans however. In a post titled “A very leaky cauldron …” he states:

1. New casual web gaming portal is in the works.
2. Natal IP in new genre in development at Microsoft Games Studios. Will have Windows Phone 7 & Silverlight counterparts.
3. A team is extending Natal core to client & phone. Targeting v8 (of Windows) for hardware.
4. Cross-branding of Games for Windows on client in v8 (of Windows).
5. Major Microsoft Games Studios franchise title in late stages of development for Windows Phone 7.
6. Marketplace is pretty much confirmed for v8 (of Windows).

In another post he notes Windows Phone 7 will get Enterprise Management capabilities (much like Windows Mobile 6.x has already) in early 2011, and that a new generation of cheaper Windows Media Extenders will support Silverlight user interfaces, interface with Windows Phone, and that Microsoft’s Sync (Windows Embedded Automotive) will also support Windows Phone 7.

Now we have no way of verifying any of the information above, but some of it is intriguing and some pretty obvious, and none of it appear impossible.

Anyone else getting the impression of a giant slowly waking up, and getting ready to eat some fruit for breakfast? Let us know below.

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