Tank Arena – SciFi Tank game released for WP8



The Dromedian army has invaded our solar system, establishing military bases on the outer planets and getting ready to advance to Earth. You are the only hope for mankind so buckle up, get into your tank and get ready for the war ahead of us. Tank Arena is a SciFi Tank Shooter game where the player will battle dromedian bots/units in arenas across the solar system.

Tank Arena

The game starts at the Moon Training station where the player will get trained through 30 teeth grinding missions. Accumulate as much gold as you can to upgrade your tank’s armor and speed. We have 4 tanks available for you – Leopard, Challenger, Wolverine and Hell Cat. Buy guns for your tank to pack a punch – Spread, Seeker and Canon. We also have 5 original music tracks for your gameplay pleasure.

Tank Arena is FREE TO PLAY supported with ads and in-app purchases for gold coins. Ads can be removed with in-app purchase.

Tank Arena QR Code

Download for Windows Phone 8

Download Tank Arena

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Stay tuned for bigger planetary campaigns with new Dromedian army units.

Video Trailer

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