Tado Universal Windows App now let you choose which smart thermostat to meassure

by Surur
November 20, 2016


Tado has updated their Universal Windows App to version 3.4.1. The update continues tado’s improved  support for multiple smart thermostats, with the ability to now set which smart thermostat the app uses to monitor and control the temperature of a zone.


The changelog reads:

Select the device that should measure the temperature in a zone in the zone settings.

Tado is the leading smart thermostat company  in several European markets, and has offered good Windows Phone support from the go, and has offered a Universal Windows App for more than a year.

The tado° app connects to your tado° Smart Thermostat and your tado° Smart AC Control to control your heating system or air conditioning based on your location. The app always shows the current state at home, such as temperature or humidity and lets you check and adjust settings from anywhere.

You can pick up a Tado for only £199 at Amazon UK here, the new smart radiator for £179 at Tado here and the app can be found in the Windows Store here.

Developer: tado.
Price: Free

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