Curve Digital’s upcoming games Table Manners will encourage players to donate blood through the UK’s National Health Service.

Developed as part of the NHS Blood and Transplant’s ‘What’s Your Type?’ Valentine’s campaign, the upcoming dating simulator will be sending pro-donor messaging to its supporters both pre-launch on on launch.

The PR campaign is designed to increase the amount of blood donors within the UK. Currently, the National Heath Service is in dire need of healthy male blood donors with O negative, B negative and A negative blood types.

“All our donors are amazing,” said Nadine Eaton, NHS Blood and Transplant’s head of blood donor recruitment. “But we need more than 68,000 men to start donating blood this year. This is not about recruiting as many donors as possible – it’s about getting the right gender mix.”

“Table Manners like every other game out there has the power to reach and engage in a way other mediums cannot,” said Curve Digital publishing director Simon Byron. “If our partnership with NHS Blood and Transplant inspires a few people to register, then we’d be very, very happy indeed.”

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Table Manners launches on Steam on February 14th so if you still don’t have a date lined up you can go and screw up a virtual one.