T-Mobile USA HTC Touch Pro 2 and HTC Snap release dates leaked

htcsnap 200902181417htctouchpro2live7-thumb

TMoNews.com is claiming to have the release dates for the whole of T-Mobile’s summer portfolio.

The devices of most interest to Windows Mobile users would be the HTC Rhodium (T-Mobile’s version of the HTC Touch Pro 2) and the HTC Snap.

The Snap will be released first on the 1st July, which does make one wonder why T-Mobile even bothered with the T-Mobile Dash refresh.

Next is the real powerhouse, the HTC Rhodium or Wing 2.  Its odd the device will be called the Wing 2, as the original Wing has certainly never been thought of as a powerful device.  Hopefully the connotations will not damage sales.

Read more T-Mobile’s release schedule at TMoNews.com

Via WMExperts.com