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The T-Mobile version of the HTC Touch Pro 2 is getting so close, some people may feel like they can reach out and touch it. Thats exactly what TMoNews forum member Docprego did, at his local T-Mobile store.  In his own words:

I went into my local store today to ask about the Touch Pro 2.  Amazingly the rep I asked about it reached in his pocket and handed it to me.  He allowed me to use it for 45 minutes and take as many photos and videos as I wanted, I took a lot.  Unfortunately I only had my iPhone on me so the picture quality is not the greatest, but I did my best to get sharp shots.  I even remembered the fingerprints on the recent batch and cleaned the phone off for my last few shots.  One last thing, I have the original iPhone so I had to install a video app while I was at the store to get the videos, that is why they are low resolution-I figured they are better than nothing!’
The phone is nothing short of amazing and gorgeous in person.  All my concerns about color are now gone, I love it!  The phone feels like a precision instrument, build quality is off the charts!  It also felt amazingly slim in my hand, no concerns about being a brick at all!  It was thinner than my iPhone I had with me in its leather case.  Absolutely incredible device.

Below is a picture and some of his videos, but see a lot more, including his hands-on impressions in his thread here.


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