T-Mobile confirms RCS-e app coming to Windows Phone 7.8



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In a recent leak from WP7Forum.ru it was revealed that a RCS-e app will be coming to Windows Phone 7.8.

We now have confirmation of this leak, with Deutsche Telekom AKA T-Mobile revealing the same information during a IFA Preview Event in Munich today.

Talking about their new Joyn RCS-e service, which will provide chat, file transfer and video chat functionality, and will be interoperable with Vodafone, Telefonica, Orange and Telecom Italia due its standards-based nature, they confirmed that it will be built into Windows Phone 8 (already revealed by Microsoft) and will be coming as an app to older Windows Phones.

The Joyn service will offer free chat and file transfer for users with a data plan, but will charge for video chat.

RCS-e is an attempt by carriers to take the initiative back from “over the top” services like Whatsapp and Skype by providing as reliable interoperability like SMS.  The initiative is however pretty late and success is far from guaranteed.

Via Unwired.net

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