T.I.T.A.N. : Mechanized Destruction!

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“Base Ceti-One is a tactical weapons and unit construction site currently anchored at near orbit zone of Leonis moon. One week ago, we lost all contact with the base. Every attempt we’ve made to reestablish communication channels have failed. We are sending in a T.I.T.A.N. strike unit to investigate… Let’s just hope its not too late.” With T.I.T.A.N. you’re the commander of a giant robot sent on a mission to investigate what happened to base Ceti-One. Soon enough, you and your supporting team will discover that the base will be reacting to your intrusion treating you as an enemy! You’ll have to defend yourself from hordes of enemies that will become increasingly difficult while trying to discover why you’ve become the enemy and who or what is controlling the enemies.


T.I.T.A.N. is a dual stick shooter : that means that you’ve two virtual joysticks available that you can use to simultaneously move and fire in two different directions. Using the fine art of dodging bullets while shooting is vital for surviving the many enemies that inhabit the base.


Levels & Exploring

The game is divided into more than 30 levels. Some levels are static, meaning that they’ve been pre-created with fixed encounters and fixed mob positioning. Some others are totally random and are created at runtime.  To help exploring every level, the player has an automatic minimap available from his robot control panel.
Exploring everything on a floor is not needed to complete e a level but of course a good dose of exploration can lead to rooms full of much needed upgrades.

Player Progression

The player gains experience by killing enemies. After a specific amount of exp your robot will gain a new level. At every level, the player will get 1 skill point that can be used to acquire a new skill. Skills include increased damage, shield power or critical strike chance.
Killing enemies will also give the player some cash to be spent in shopping terminals or just to create a clone of himself when his robot gets destroyed.

Equip & Slots

The player can acquire new items by looting them from killed enemies or by visiting one of the many shopping terminals scattered around the base.
Some items may also be ‘slotted’, meaning that they may have from 1 to 3 slots that can be used to further enhance the item with more armor, more critical strike, explosive chance, reflectors and son on. Like items, slot enhancers may be bought or looted and can be arranged on weapons at player will.


The game is distributed as free, ad-based.

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