Synaptics claims a “Next-Generation Microsoft Operating System” is on its way

Windows 10 has always been promoted as Microsoft’s last desktop operating system, with regular tweaks and developments which nevertheless maintained one consistent ecosystem.

It seems that this is about to change, however, according to Synaptics and AMD, who in a press release expressed support for Microsoft’s “next-generation” operating system which would be secured with biometrics.

Titled “Synaptics, AMD Collaborate on Enterprise-Grade Biometric PC Security for Next-Generation Microsoft Operating System”, the press release notes announced “a joint initiative centered on delivering a new industry benchmark in highly-secure biometric fingerprint authentication for enterprise/commercial and consumer notebook PCs based on next-generation AMD Ryzen™ Mobile platform and Microsoft’s next-generation operating system.”  It also states:

The collaboration brings a new level of security for AMD-based laptops by leveraging Synaptics’ unique FS7600 Match-in-Sensor™ fingerprint sensor technology with powerful AMD Ryzen Mobile processors, and Microsoft’s forthcoming biometric security OS including Windows Hello.

Despite having Mobile in its name the AMD Ryzen processor is still very much a laptop component, so we are likely talking about a desktop rather than mobile operating system.

The press release does not offer any more clues, but given Microsoft’s focus on enterprise we may simply be looking at another mode of Windows 10 designed to be even more secure than Windows 10 S.

See the full press release here.

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