Symbian game World of Rabbit–The Dig comes to Windows Phone



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While some Symbian developers may be reticent about developing for Windows Phone, BreakDesign, the developers of the popular Symbian game World of Rabbit, clearly do not share the same issue.

They have ported their headline game to Windows Phone 7 and have made it available completely free.

imageThe premise of World of Rabbit – The Dig is that the surface world is overrun by robots, while the rabbits remain far below, their underground world a safe haven from the rule of the robots up above.

You have the task of building a new home for the rabbits, keeping them entertained and rested as they work, and digging ever downward to build a new rabbit empire and rediscover ancient rabbit secrets.

Unlike other ex-Nokia apps this one is available for all Windows Phone users and can be found in Marketplace here.


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