Swype to be on 10Million Devices by End of Year, but not on Steve’s Phone


After all the ads and more, Swype has grown in popularity, enough that Apple wanted it but its not that easy. In a recent interview, Swype CEO said:

“Swype was approached by Apple (NSDQ: AAPL) and asked to demonstrate its technology, [Swype CEO Mike] McSherry says, explaining that Apple was impressed with his product but later expressed “disappointment” when he said Swype was licensing it to other phone makers.”

Now that has nothing with Windows Mobile, because just about all of us already have swype running on our devices. This means that very soon, we shall all not have to install swype again, but it will be released with our device like HTC did with the HD2 for T-mobile.

Now this might not be too interesting for you, but I am pretty happy that we have something that Apple cannot get.