Microsoft is going to make it worth your while to switch from Samsung Cloud to OneDrive

by Surur
November 11, 2019
switch from Samsung Cloud to OneDrive

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We reported recently that Samsung was encouraging smartphone users in Korea to switch from Samsung Cloud to OneDrive by Microsoft in South Korea, and now SamMobile reports the feature is also becoming available worldwide as part of the Android 10 beta.

The feature will be available as an option in the Photos app and it seems to be one-way action, with no way to switch back.

Only photos and videos are switched, with backups remaining on the Samsung Cloud.

Microsoft is being particularly generous to Samsung switchers.  Once you switch from Samsung Cloud to OneDrive you get free storage equivalent to what you paid for, for one year, and a refund for any future payments and Microsoft is also offering an additional 15 GB free storage for Samsung users.

Ultimately of course Microsoft hopes users will sign up for Office 365, which remains a great deal by offering access to Microsoft’s Office Suite and 1 TB of storage for only $9.99 per month.

Microsoft is partnering very closely with Samsung, with their flagship phones also shipping with Microsoft’s Office Mobile apps and Link to Windows also bringing¬† Samsung phones closer to your desktop.

What do our readers think of this deepening relationship? Let us know below.

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